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American Mural

Art Agency

Founded in 2021 by entrepreneur Joseph Juarez and artist David Wang, AM is a mural art production agency. Through our all-inclusive service, we answer the growing demand for visual art programming. We believe in the value of art in its own right, and are in the business of sharing its service. Our modus operandi is twofold: We connect the highest tier artists and designers of different vocations with one another – and that resulting collective of artists with you.

Ensemble Artist Network

We work with a diverse network of professional talent: From studio artists to street artists and graffiti writers, from sign painters, illustrators, digital artists and graphic designers to photographers. Combined with our worldwide roster of professional mural painters, our team can see through the most ambitious creative visions.

Graffiti art painted on fabricated Statue of Liberty sculpture for Governor's Ball music festival.
Co-Founder David Wang at work.

Our valueS

Through mural arts, we seek to facilitate creative and inspiring conversations that enrich our connected worlds. By representing unique and authentic voices from the art world, we seek to broaden the visual landscape of the audiences we serve. We see visual language as a way to leave positive impressions and bring people together.